Stories from the Horn #128

April 28, 2021

Pillars Updates

Don’t miss today’s Instagram Live event! I’ll be talking with Kevin Singer of Neighborly Faith. 12:00 pm EST (7:00 pm here in Djibouti).

Watch the UK book launch for Pillars here. We had a fabulous discussion with Christians and Muslims from around the world.

If you have read and enjoyed Pillars, would you head over to Amazon and leave a review? Thanks so much!

It is also now available as an audiobook!

Also, consider sharing Pillars with your book club, your coworkers, teammates, and supporters. I believe it will lead to fruitful discussions. If you’d like me to join in or address some questions, I’m happy to!

And last but not least, if you’d like to join my own book club discussion of Pillars, check out Do Good Better. We will start talking about it with a live Zoom call on May 5.

News from the Horn

Gunfire erupts in Mogadishu as Somalia’s Political Feud Turns Violent, New York Times

This is a horrible story of Islamophobia in the Midwest. A mosque in Moorhead was vandalized. I am so sorry to hear this and that my fellow Midwesterners have not treated Muslims better.

Africa’s tallest towers (IF BUILT) will be in Djibouti. These kinds of articles crack me up. How many have I seen over the years? Does anyone remember the bridge to Yemen? What about Oubahville? The necklace-shaped airport? The airport in Ali Sabieh? We’ve been here a long time. So sure. Maybe! Maybe these buildings will go up. I’d love to see them. But will I see them…?

The Instability of the Horn of Africa

The King of Oman joins others in congratulating IOG (Ismail Omar Guelleh, referred to locally as IOG) on his fifth presidential win

Why is the US concerned about possible Chinese naval bases in Djibouti?

Is Kenya on thin ice for sending Somali refugees back? I have to say I appreciate the colloquial reference to “ice” in this region.

It is Ramadan right now and I love seeing Muslims joke about it online.

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Some #halaal humour from to brighten up your blue Monday, hehe. Brace yourselves – the Ramadan questions are coming... Any funny Ramadan questions you've been asked by friends & colleagues? Share them with us! #Ramadanmemes #halaalmemes #onemonthtogo Image

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