Stories from the Horn #130

May 25, 2021

What is in the news this week around the Horn of Africa? And what is new personally this week? Scroll to the bottom for links to podcasts I’ve been on and a review of Pillars!

We celebrated Eid last week, to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Here is our youngest, breaking the fast about 10 years ago with a friend. She was adept at getting food from us, upstairs, and then popping up around downstairs or outside with our neighbors when food came out. Check out the double-fisted samboosas!

Is the thawing of relations between Kenya and Somalia a win for Qatar?

Blind students in Somalia take the first national test in braille

Somaliland celebrates 30 years of independence…except is it really independent?

If the camel is fine, we are fine. This is an amazing National Geographic piece.

Preparations begin for a major geothermal project in Djibouti.

Djibouti’s port is ranked the top container port in Africa and #61 globally.

Nurses and midwives in Somalia, the bridge between patients and doctors.

Women money changers at the heart of Djibouti’s street economy. This is a great look at local culture. I love telling people who need to change money, “just go downtown and look for the women with bags on their laps, they have what you need.”

Who’s afraid of Muslims? A wide-ranging conversation between a Catholic, a Protestant, and a Muslim. (I’m in this! We had a great conversation and I highly recommend following both of these women on social media.)

Personal updates:

If you’d like more essays and personal writing, I am continuing to do that at Do Good Better, you can see it all here.

Find a review of Pillars in Christianity Today and in Spirituality and Practice

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