Stories from the Horn #131

June 8, 2021

Today (June 8) I’ll be doing an interfaith event over zoom and if you happen to catch this email on time, come and join us! There will be several Christian and Muslim speakers. This is hosted by Abraar House in London and starts at 1:30 pm UK time. I will be speaking around 2:30 UK time.

My Religion, My Life

News from the Horn of Africa

The Failed Promise of Kenya’s Smart-City

A dangerous road for immigrants in the Horn of Africa

Djibouti and Somalia remain cordial after all (I especially enjoyed the part about them being “blossom friends”. Maybe that is a better phrase than bosom? I like it.)

19 people got sick after eating poisoned camel meat in Somalia

Djibouti extradites TPLF soldiers to stand trial in Ethiopia

The Djiboutian Ministry of Health sponsors four days of health trainings for their staff, including courses on First Aid and CPR. These courses were taught by….Your Truly! It was a great honor to teach doctors, midwives, epidemiologists, TB care professionals, human resource personnel, and more from all over the city and even from every district in Djibouti. It required a special level of French and I did pretty darn well and am thankful for those who helped me when I got stuck on a word. We had a blast, they were all engaged and eager to learn and profusely thanked me. At times we laughed so hard we almost cried and it is my great hope that these trainings will have an impact on health outcomes.

Somalia retains UN vote despite falling behind in paying dues

Trying to counter fake news in Somalia

How Bob Dylan helped a man survive kidnapping by Somali pirates

Dignifying Somali girls and women, we must end poverty now

Muslim women in India use Shariah Law to fight for gender equality

Book Updates:

Here are some links to my conversations and things around the web these past two weeks.

The Storied Recipe: Djiboutian Food, Culture, and Faith

Faith Conversations with Anita Lustrea

How about an oldie but a goodie? Remember that time in the New York Times? My CPR students this week cheered when I told them I’d been published there, it was awesome. Modern Love, The New York Times: A Child of Two Worlds

This is a great engagement with Pillars (would you leave a review if you’ve read it? Awesome, thanks!):

Have a great week and see you again soon!