Stories from the Horn #135

Lots of interesting reads for you this week!

I am in the USA for a few more days and will then return to the other side of the planet. We always enjoy our summer weeks in the US and are also always glad to go home to Djibouti.

Two beautiful places.

The main road for aid in Ethiopia is impassable

Somalia receives batch of Johnson and Johnson vaccine

Somalia-born runners shine at the Olympics

Indiana Jones in Somaliland. A story close to my heart as my husband thinks he, too, is Indiana Jones, and wears the hat to prove it. This is about the discovery of the Las Geel cave drawings.

How does poverty contribute to Somali piracy?

Does Djibouti want or not want competition in the telecom industry? Looks like not.

Djibouti enters the wind power sector (pay wall)

Minneapolis schools launch a Somali language heritage program

Djibouti’s Rocks Point to Historic Arts

The Yemeni Fish specialty (one of my family’s favorites)

US Special Envoy for Africa visits Djibouti and Ethiopia amid ongoing Ethiopian violence in the Tigray region

Why is Israel joining the African Union? (Djibouti is one of seven nations who dissented)

Somali born British author Nadifa Mohamed’s most recent novel is on the list for the Booker Prize

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Stronger than Death: How Annalena Tonelli Defied Terror and Tuberculosis in the Horn of Africa

Pillars: How Muslim Friends Led Me Closer to Jesus

Welcome to Djibouti: Arrive, Survive, and Thrive in the Hottest Country on Earth

Have a great week!