Stories from the Horn #136

August 31, 2021

Here are the latest news stories from the Horn of Africa. From the Olympics to terror, cheetahs to pirates, lots to read about.

If you are interested in more personal writing and updates, follow Do Good Better. This week I wrote about Afghanistan.

Somalia’s first Olympic boxer also works as a model

Afghanistan’s collapse and strikes in Somalia raises issues for drone warfare rules

The Somali Creative Using Art as a Weapon. This is an inspiring article about art in Somalia.

Somalia hit by triple threat: Covid, conflict, and climate crisis

What if Ugandan troops pulled out of Somalia? An interesting comparison by a Ugandan paper to the US pulling out of Afghanistan.

Egypt plans to build a specialized obstetrics hospital in Djibouti

The impressive rise of Ethiopian Airlines. We would like to see an impressive rise in the Ethiopian Airport - functional WiFi please. And restaurants that are both open and serve food. Oh, and toilets with running water and toilet paper. Thanks so much!

Stopping the creep of the desert by planting gardens

Which lessons from Somalia could have helped with the pullout from Afghanistan? The question is a fine one but I remain highly skeptical the US government learns much from its foreign debacles.

30 years after Black Hawk Down. One of those other US government debacles from which we might have learned something, but did we?

Efforts to save Cheetahs. My daughter volunteered at Decan, the cheetah refuge and zoo-like facility in Djibouti during Covid.

Charcoal burners in central Somalia turn to farming instead

How did Somali pirates get paid?

On Somalia and Afghanistan and another article, in Al-Jazeera on this comparison

An old creepy colonial house in the dying juniper forest of Foret du Day, Djibouti and the view from the house.

See in two weeks.

Have you noticed any can’t-miss stories from or about the Horn of Africa?