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May 28, 2022Liked by Do Good Better

Huge congratulations on the award you won, I am so proud of and happy for you! Also, yay for your oldest daughter graduating from university and for beautiful family times celebrating this event. I loved reading all the stories and posts you linked, many thanks for your as always thorough and comprehensive curation of such a great variety of resources. I would love to discuss all of them but in the interest of time plus not taking up too much space in the comments will just say that the BBC video about the camerawoman in Mogadishu particularly struck me. It was amazing to hear and see this account of Ms. Omar confronting harassment on a daily basis, and especially to see that she handles it with such strength, grace, and often also a healthy sense of humor. I was really struck too by the change in many of her male colleagues' opinions about women working based on their having experienced having her as a colleague for awhile, and think that this example is a good illustration and reminder of just what a powerful effect having personal interaction with someone can have on changing people's hearts and minds.

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